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Outlook 2007 bad speed

My Outlook 2007 has suddenly (?) become very slowly.

I know I have pretty many emails stored in outlook (it is my archive), but now I have moved them into separate folders outside the innbox and sent box folders (myArchive).
The speed problem is only when I click on another folder.
Then it takes  about 15 seconds to change to the new folder, even if the new folder contains a few emails.
This has not been so before.
I am using Windows 7, but the rpoblem did not come with W7 I think.
What could be going on inside Outloook???
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It depends where you have created folders, it is not advised to create subfolders directly under Inbox folder. Outlook takes time to traverse subfolders.

Check for Add ins, Remove RSS feeds, Open outlook in safe mode and check.

Remove all the outook files from Documents and settings,compress ost or pst.

Quit out of Outlook 2007 and locate each of these files in turn and rename as indicated.
1. extend.dat - you will find this file in the location :\Documents and Settings\user-directory\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\extend.dat
//change it to extend.old
2. views.dat - may not find it most of the time
3. frmcache.dat - :\Documents and Settings\user-directory\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FORMS\FRMCACHE.DAT
//change it to FRMCACHE.old
4. outcmd.dat - :\Documents and Settings\user-directory\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outcmd.dat
//change it to OUTCMD.old

Check for Top Tips to speed up Outlook 2007 in google, I dont have the exact link
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How big is your outlook.pst file? You should be archiving to a separate pst file
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I did run the scanpst.exe. No effect.

The size of the Outlook.pst is 1,3 GB (8200 emails). I am afraid this is the problem? But I just have emails for the last 3-4 months...

How do I compress the pst-file?
How do I remove the RSS-feeder?
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Today my Outlook works pretty well and speedy! Seems like I had to restart the computer before the effect of running  scanpst.exe was visible?