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How to access the main form from another form


I have a main form called MainForm with a SchedulerControl on it.
and I have a form called Settings that can be called by menuitem Settings
On the settingsform I have a checkbox, in the checkbox-event I have
a line of code that calls for the SchedulerControl on the mainform.
But I don't know how to access the SchedulerControl on the mainform
How can I do that?

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Hope I don't lead you astray here, but if I recall correctly, you can just pass a reference to the main form, or the scheduler control, to the constructor of the Settings Form. In the Settings form constructor, assign the reference to the main form or the SchedulerControl to a variable within the Settings Form class, then you can access it at any point during the Settings Form's lifetime.
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Can you show me how?

1) You can pass SchedulerControl via constructor of SettingsForm
     SettingsForm form = new SettingsForm(schedulerControl1);

2) You can create event on SettingsForm (e.g. BlaBlaBlaChanged), subscribe to it on MainForm and raise it when you check checkbox on SettingsForm
     SettingsForm form = new SettingsForm();
     form.BlaBlaBlaChanged += SettingsForm_BlaBlaBlaChanged;
     // do not forget to unsubscribe from event

      private void SettingsForm_BlaBlaBlaChanged(object sender, BlaBlaBlaChangedEventArgs e)
          // call for the SchedulerControl
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I have this in the Settings form:

    public partial class Settings : Form
        MainForm frmMain = new MainForm();
        IniFile _if;

And this methode that calls for the SchedulerControl:

        private void chkShowMin_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                if (chkShowMin.Checked)
                    frmMain.schedulerControl.DayView.TimeRulers[0].ShowMinutes = false;
                    chkShowMin.Checked = false;
                    frmMain.schedulerControl.DayView.TimeRulers[0].ShowMinutes = true;
                    chkShowMin.Checked = true;

But i get error:
MainForm.schedulerControl' is inaccessible due to its protection level

I go for the last post of buracsarica.

Can someone show me how?
I wonder how you accept the answer without verifying it.
Add to Settings a private variable

private SchedulerControl schedControl;

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In Settings change the constructor to look like this
public Settings(SchedulerControl schedulerControl)
    schedControl = schedulerControl;

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In your event handler for clicking on the menu item that opens the Settings Form add

Settings settingsForm = new Settings(this.schedulerControl);

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Then in your checkbox click event handler in the Settings Form, just refer to schedControl, rather than refer to the main form. eg.

schedControl.DayView... etc