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Get streetname, zip code, neighbourhood or city name from Google Maps?

I'm working on a design for a website, and have some questions about Google Maps. On the website we offer several methods of determining an address. One of those methods is a list of neighbourhoods and street names for a given city. I would like to do something similar using Google Maps, but I have no clue whether it is possible to do what I have in mind.

Take the following situation. You see a Google Map of a city. You zoom in and find the street you need. Then...

- Is it possible to click the streetname and then get the zip-code or streetname and use it elsewhere on the page?
- Is is possible to do the same with neighbourhoods and cities? So you hover over a city or neighbourhood, the city borders light up or something, you (double) click it, and you can use that info elsewhere on the page?

Based on the city name or neighbourhood I could show a different list of streetnames. We could create a map of a city by ourselves (using Wikimedia Commons maps or something), with neighbourhood borders, make the neighbourhoods clickable etc. The only problem here is that we want to offer this nationwide, and we simply cannot create all those maps by hand.

If you have suggestions how to approach this in alternative ways, please mention them!
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Thank you HagayMandel! That is what I wanted to know.