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Microsoft SQL 2005 writing problem

We have Windows 2003 (terminal) server with MS SQL 2005 database. We use that database with many different programs. Normally everything working fine, but like today database was slow when reading and we cant write to database anything. Every program that try write to database crashes. This occur like every day and it take like 1-3 hours every time. Everything else in server-machine works fine, so i think this is only database problem.

This is very annoying, any ideas to fix it?

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one thing I suggest is, Restart the SQL Server existing system. it may solve
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waltersnowslinarnold: It is restarted many times.
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what is the max memory config of the sql server process?
what is the ram available to the box?

is there a scheduled process around the times where performance issues occur?
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angelIII: There is no scheduled processes in the server.

I don't think that i understand your another two question correctly, anyway:
Sql service uses about 500 000k memory.

Right now performance in task manager:
physical memory (K)
total: 12572172
available: 872528
system cache: 8736360.

proccesses take less than 2gb memory, why there is only  872528k available? Now database is working fine. When database was "down" earlier today, memory usage was pretty much the same.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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angelIII: We got sql-consult here. Yesterday he finally solve this problem. It was corrupted log file. Size for that file was limited to 2gb, but somehow size was 100gb before cleaning it. No problems in database after that. Nice.