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How to have same IP network segment at 2 different location

I have 2 data centers at 2 different locations connected to each other through OSPF routing protocol. In data center 1 I have a network say I have servers connecting to these segments in the data center 1.

In data center 2 also I want to use the same IP network which is I will be placing some servers in data center 2 in the segment The servers will be having IP Address as 10.10.10.x ....
I would like to know how can i achieve this,.
I am moving my servers from Data center 1 to Data center 2. I cant change the IP Address of my servers. So I would like to use the same network at both the locations.

Let me know how this can be achieved.
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Pieter Jordaan
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You can not route between networks of the same IP range.

You can put NAT devices on different subnets on either side, and then use port forwarding, but a destination IP of 10.10.10.x will always route to the inside network.

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Is there any concept like extending the VLAN or some tunneling concept by which I can do this
Lookup Cisco AToM.  Remember, if you move the link to L2 traffic that broadcast traffic will not go over your WAN link.  You'll have to implement QoS to control chatty traffic.  Another alternative I've seen is the AT&T OptEMan which provides L2 and L3 over their fiber network.  I'm not a big fan of ATT, but this is one solution in my area I haven't been able to find for another provider.  It allows us to have our DMZ in two different physical location 30 miles apart.
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If you are using Cisco switches and routers, you are going ot have to use some type of Policy Based Routing to overcome your problem.  As BitFreeze stated, all traffic on the subnet will stay local to it because it is going to look on the subnet for the device within the same ip address range.

If the servers have an ip address that is only used on their subnet, then the problem becomes easier to solve.  You could use a VPN solution, GRE tunneling, etc.  But if the servers have an ip address that can exist at both locations, it's going to be tough...
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