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Detecting a file using a batch file

I am using a batch file during an installation routine that copies a shortcut onto the desktop.  At present it detects x86 or x64 OS and copies the correct shortcut.  However, it would be great if I could also detect the presence of a specific file and then copy the relevant shortcut based on this detection.  

Something like this example:

if EXIST "M:\TS.mdb" AND %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86  copy "D:\Test Folder\TS.lnk"  c:\users\%username%\desktop

Any ideas?
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86  copy "D:\Test Folder\A.lnk"  c:\users\%username%\desktop
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x64  copy "D:\Test Folder\B.lnk"  c:\users\%username%\desktop

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Spot on - thanks very much.
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Hi AndrewDBrown, sorry for interruption. I am also looking for the same.

Hi nagyistvan,

Solution worked well. Could you please explain how the preceded if condition ( if EXIST "M:\TS.mdb" ) helped?

In this case the IF %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86  copy "D:\Test Folder\TS.lnk"  c:\users\%username%\desktop  
 part becomes the ACTION for the if EXIST "M:\TS.mdb   CONDITION
IF %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86  copy "D:\Test Folder\TS.lnk"  c:\users\%username%\desktop  

The above line itself has a condition why do we need to add another condition
oops, i got it.