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rss and search

Hi. I am thinking of trying to collect information from the web on various topics. One approach is to use a spider and maybe do a google search on blogs that have those keywords. And then follow those links to other links. i don't know if this is a standard approach or not. I have heard people talk about using RSS feeds to maybe do something similar but I am unclear about the role that RSS feeds could play in this project. Does anyone have any idea how RSS feeds could be used to do something similar and how I would go about using them for this purpose?
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Emmanuel Gleizer
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spider: YOU will search for data, index them search again fiew time later, make the different by your own and so on...

RSS: the site that "publish" already tell "what's new". on a regulary basis you just take the news and do what you decide with them.

if you need to particulary be "reactive" to new data published RSS could definitely help you in your project.
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Tony McCreath
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thank you for quoting me... and getting the point :(
Sorry about that. It happens here.

"Swings and roundabouts" is the phrase I grew up with. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I tend to go with the flow.

Maybe the OP can change it to a split?