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How to reinstate permissions after WSS restore?

Our entire site was deleted by accident, so a restore was done from a back up copy.  Ever since the restore was done, users get prompted for their AD login credentials meaning that they don't currently have access to the site.  When the credentials are input, they get denied.  I am set up as a site collection admin and a server farm admin and I am unable to access any of the sites as well.  

Can anyone please tell me how we can reinstate the credentials as they were?  I tried the stsadm -o migrateuser command but that didn't work.  
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If you have restored the site using a SQL database, then you should be able to see all user under site actions--site settings--people & groups. If they are present, then they should be able to access the site successfully
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I'm not able to get into the site at all to even view the site settings.  I am able to log in to the Central Administration and confirm that I am the site collection admin and the server farm admin.   Since I have those two roles, I should be able to see all sites, but can not.  
please the primary site collection administrator in "policy for web application" under central admin--application management.
"Add" i missed the key word
May I know the Backup process what u followed ? Is it Backup/ Restore Or Export/Import ?

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A colleague was able to solve the issue.