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Outlook never opens the first time


I have an Exchange server with very few active mailboxes on it. My plan was to move all the mailboxes off of our oldest server onto this newer box. I have had my mailbox on it for a number of months now. The problem is that everytime I try to open Outlook it times out. I have to hit the retry button to get it to open. I can't remember Outlook ever opening on the first try. I've run the Exchange Optimizer Tool and all looks well. I have two workstations (one running XP and the other running Windows 7). It happens on both workstations. I'm afraid to move anyone over to this server until I've straightened out this problem. Any help you may give will be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, I have two DNS servers and can ping each one by both name and IP
What type of error does the "Event Viewer" show under "Application" when it times out?
Wow, I swapped the two addresses around and it opened right up. Why do you think that is? I was able to ping both servers without a problem. Could one be busier than the other?
Can you ping the Exchange Server by name though? This is what Outlook needs to work..

Depending on if you have configured settings manually or not you may well also need a certificate for the autodiscovery to work ( - this is quite key in Exchange latest versions.

Swapped DNS or Exchange Server IPs? If DNS Servers then you may have the two AD DNS Servers not replicating with each other correctly - NB you should only be using your internal DNS Servers here - not ISP ones

The NSLOOKUP command will help you see the answers from each server but the answer is probably in the DNS server configurations - examine the Zone files to see if one has stale records etc.

Glad you're nealy sorted

Yes, I can ping the Exchange server by name.
I think these comments have crossed - DNS server config is where the answer will be found I think.
I see. I'll check it out now. Thanks for all your help and quick response!

Thank you for the excellent service!