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Sage 200 Development language

Just a quick question regarding the programming/application development language used in Sage 200.
I need to know what programming language bespoke modules are usually written in for Sage 200.
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I believe most of Sage is C++ but has an API - the backend is SQL so a number of ways to integrate.
I am assuming you are referring to MAS200. That is written in Providex. It is a language derived from Business Basic. You will need a Master Developer key to be able to change the base code. You can add programming in VB by using business objects within MAS, but the core language is in Providex.
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So if I was to offer a VB function that I use in an existing application to a Sage developer to negate the duplication of work and allow him to read one of our data tables and interpret the contents he might be able to use it?
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