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My Documents, My Dilemma

I am currently in a Windows environment and we are begining to move users from Windows XP to Windows 7.  The folder redirection to My Documents on the users home drive (for XP) is accomplished through group membership, and this group also applies to other policies. I mention that as I had to create a new policy for the Windows 7 redirection to avold some of those other policies I did not wish appled. (these additional polices effect My Places, which the Library is a Windows replacement)

The Windows XP redirection policy points documents to My Documents.
The Windows 7 redirection policy points documents to Documents.

When a user is removed from one group and placed in another, I am left with two document folders, and I am doubling the required space which is used.

I'm concerned about wiping out My Documents during the process so I do have the "Move the contents of Documents to the new location" Disabled, but maybe I should not.

I suppose I am looking for someone who has had a like requirement and what the suggest.  I know there is a junction links for My Documents which I know are used for backwards compatibility, but worry if they might muddle the process.
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My testing proved this as well.  Thanks!