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Binding two IPs to one IIS server

Hi, I have setup a 2008 R2 server with IIS as a webserver for two sites.  I have binded two IPs, one for each site.

This is a replacement to an older physical server box, so I created a DNS alias for the new box.  So, it goes like this, Server2 (new box) has an IP: binded to it for the main site.  Plus, Server2 has an IP: binded to it for the second site.  I created a DNS alias for Server2 using Server1 's name.  This was needed for some file sharing it is doing, as well.

So, the question I have is, when I type in the IP: in the URL of IE, I get the main site, like it is suppose to.  However, when I type IP: in the URL of IE, I receive a "HTTP 404 Not Found", but if I use the registed domain name of the site, it works fine.

So, any idea how I can fix this or should I not worry about it?  I thought it might have to do with the second site not having a DNS alias for it, but wasn't sure I could add the same DNS alias to multiple IP's.

Thanks for your time.

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on Server 2 , In IIS for 2nd website , Please check if the website is mapped to "All Unassigned", It should be bind only to "" Ip address and no other website is configured on this IP address or "All Unassigned" .
To rid out of this problem, You should use hostname to browse websites or use dedicated IP address for each website on IIS.