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Control authentication server

We are coming up on our anual Disaster Recovery test and would like to do things differently this year.  In the past we have had AT&T redirect our MPLS circuits for an entire remote location to our DR site.  This year we are looking to use the hosts file to redirect only a couple of PCs.  What I am looking for is how I can tell the PCs to use the DC's for authentication at our DR site instead of our main data center.  We are using netsh to change DNS to point to our DR site, but I also need the machines to authenticate to the DC's there as well.
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Create two sites and put these two DCs into the different sites. These point to different subnets. When clients need to authenticate, they will find the DC in their own subnet.  
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This is great advice, however it didn't really meet my needs.  I did find that if I change DNS servers I can get the workstations to authenticate with the servers I needed.
Thanks for the grade though. Good luck.