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Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server. There is no route to the specified subnet address.

Hi all

One of my customers uses PDAnet as a network provider (works via her smartphone).
With this network provider she can connect her laptop to the internet
Now when she wants to start up our citrix applicaiton via a juniper networks host checker she gets the error message.
Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server.  There is no route to the specified subnet address.

Can you tell me what needs to be configured on her smartphone, or her laptop, or our citrix server so it will work??


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Carl Webster
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Are you using Session Reliability?  If so, is TCP port 2598 opened on the firewall?

Look at this article
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This sounds like a firewall issue ? I presume the target Citrix server is using NAT ? If so has an alternative address been setup on the Citrix server ?

Have a look at:
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Hi all

Thanks for the comment. I'll try and keep you posted


Hi guys

Unfortunately it did not work. I found a possible other solution but i want to make sure because it contains registry changes.
It consists of doing an ipconfig /all and taking note of the CLSID of the network adapter.
Then going to  HKEY\LocalMachine\System\Currentcontrolset\Services\TCPIP\Linkage and check the bind, Export and route key.
There it could be that the clsid of the network adapter is in the fourth place in the list and it should become first.
Is there anyone who can confirm this could solve the issue?


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reason that this is is because somebody else of our IT team found the cause.