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Sonicwall slowing torrents?

I have a network with a Sonicwall/Server 2003 setup.  I think the sonicwall is slowing my torrents and youtube videos.  

I am the admin and have full access to the interface, I just need to change this ASAP because I can't even download Ubuntu...  or I suppose I can... over the next 3 weeks. LOL

Any place I should check?  The boxes for bandwidth allocation are not checked.

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Neil Russell
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Well first off if your the sys admin of a COMPANY and your allowing torrents through your f/w I'd start looking for another job!!
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I can enable/disable as I please.  There are 3 people at my office.  Whether I allow torrents is completely up to me, as no one else here even knows what they are.  I need them for legit reasons, as described above.  
if you haven't configured bandwidth management to control internet traffic, then it isn't configured.  my guess it's the security services, if you have those licensed.  you could temporarily disable those to check.  login to the sonicwall and click security services.  you'll see the services on the right if what you are licensed for.  disable those that are enabled one at a time testing the download of ubuntu as a test.  my guess is it's either the GAV or it's IPS.
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Well, it seems to  be kind of an intermittent problem now.  I do not have IPS enabled, and disabling GAV did not speed it up.  I  am up  to 150 kbps but my is around 2 mbps...  I'm losing a lot of speed somewhere.
ok...then check your MTU on the WAN interface.  here is a EE article to configure that.

have you power cycled the sonicwall and ISP hardware?  what sonicwall do you have.  what firmware is it?  is it standard or enhanced?  do you have DSL or cable?  it's possible that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth.  i know that ISPs in our area have started to do this, but for residential service.  i've not heard they're doing it for business service, but based on the type of traffic you are generating (torrent), they may be doing that.
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No.. MTU is disabled.

TZ 190 Enhanced
FW:      SonicOS Enhanced
I have DSL, and I doubt that my ISP is throttling anything.  I will call them, though.

MTU can't be disabled.  what is it set at currently.  please follow the steps in the article above and let me know.
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Ok, sorry bout that.   The result of the test surprisingly came out to exactly 1500, which is what the MTU is set to currently.
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I will try to test that after work today.  I can't pull everyone offline right now.  Thank you for your help and I will report back.
sure...i understand.
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Do you have gateway antivirus enabled (or anti-spyware or intrusion prevention)? Try to disable them and if this resolves the issue.
@caskrist :: this was suggested here, http:#a34465161 and the results are here, http:#a34465210.