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Recommend a good wireless router? Two Dlinks have failed

Hi Experts,

I am researching to buy a couple Wireless Routers for access points at our small business. I would perfer it to be wireless N and reliable. We have bought two Dlink dir-655 for our northern location but we have noticed the speads drop tremendously after a few hours, The only solution is a constant reboot. I tried changing frequences but we still have the problem.

So any recommendations?
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The Linksys Wireless N series has been a steady performer in my home and office.   Obviously you could turn up the heat and get a serious Cisco product, but these are fine.  
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I agree with music2myear1. My suggession is netgear is the best.

Model - WGR - 614

Netgear Wireless Router with Access Point Model No: WGR-614


Tushar Kaskhedikar  
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Thanks for the responses, Im going to up this to 500 points . I am having trouble finding that Router kaskhedikar tushar , The ones I find on Newegg seem to be very old models. Ive found some horrible reviews online about these routers, I am guessing that its just user fault.

Im looking to spend up to 150 a piece. Id rather spend more and know I have a reliable router for an access point. Thanks!
The Linksys E1000 and E3000 routers (by Cisco) are resonably priced and receive excellent reviews.    Bring them up on the Amazon site to review what folks are saying.   I use both models at 47 locations globally and find the perfect for what I want in my business environment.

The netgear is also a very good router, but I believe it is down to configuration preferences.   You get used to  GUI and stick with it.

Check out the reviews before you buy.