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SharePoint permissions not working in entire web application

i have a sharepoint (MOSS 2007)farm with 3 web applications (portal, central admin, and mysite).  i'm a farm admin and also a site collection admin in all site collections in all 3 web applications.  in only 1 of the 3 web apps (portal), i no longer have edit or add user permissions anywhere in the web application.  the other two web apps are fine; no issues anywhere.

can anyone think of why this may be?  is it possible that some job somewhere is locking the web application?  one more thing to note, last week (before this issue was noticed), there was a problem so i had to remove and re-add the content database for the problematic web app.  the sites have all restored normally, but permissions seem to have been lost even though all groups are still in existence.  
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Please correct the primary and secondary site collection admin from the Central admin for that web app/site collection.

You can do that using following steps.

Browse Central Admin Website = > Application Management => Site Collection Administration => Please select appropriate site collection (which you restored recently) => Modify appropriate Primary and Secondary Site Collection Admin. => Hit OK.
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Ok gr8. Glad that your problem is resolved.

Thanks for sharing your solution.
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figured out on my own.