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Creating a New Domain

We are creating a new company. The new company will have a different name, marketing to our current company but I want to utilize the current A.D. and exchange environment.
The Users of the new company will not know they are associated with the “old company” and will have no communication or access to the resources of the current domain. This is going to be a completely different business unit.
I have been reading about adding a child domain but, the disadvantage of this for us to that the child in the forest will carry over the domain name. Our new users cannot know they are logging in the “old domain”.

I know how to configure exchange portion of this problem, I just not sure how to deal with the A.D. portion.  Is there are workaround to this? We are using all Windows 2008 D.C’s.
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Sorry hit Submit on accident.

With a new domain tree you get the ability to use a new Domain Name but keep the domain with the same forest.
What version of Exchange are you running?

You could create a new Domain and use ADMT to migrate or do a domain rename if it is supported with your setup.
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Thanks you both for the responses,

Dariusq, If I create a new tree within the existing forest, can all resources be shared ?  We are hoping to gain efficiencies of the old domain (backup software, a,v, servers etc).  Will the only thing different be the logon domain ?

KenMcF. We need to keep the old intact. Nothing will change with one, I do not want to a domain migration. We are using Exchange 2007 SP3

Thank you both again,
Yes resources can be shared across the trees but you can restrict access as well since there is a trust setup between the two trees when you create a new tree
Dariusq, Awesome, thank you that is axactly what I needed..