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Urgent SBS CAL

Our SBS 2003 is out of CALs... is there a way to bypass the limitation temporarily while our vendor works on getting new ones issued to us? Or a FAST way to buy retail CALs for SBS?
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Not to negate anything that has been said about this already, but courious about the reality in your case.  Exactly what is going on?  

How many licenses, including the 5 that come with the product:

How many users have been created:

How many are connected when the error occures

Is the user blocked from logging on, or can you not create another user or ???

What is the exact error or message that you are seeing?
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We have an SBS with 5 CALs.

I migrated about 10 other people to the SBS this past weekend, so the account total is 15.

I do not have an accurate count for when exactly SBS starts denying people access.

The user is not blocked from logging into the domain, because there are other domain controllers that are "real" servers (2008 standard). The SBS is really only serving up Exchange.

We just are getting a lot of Mailbox/activesync access failures (don't have the server in front of me to check the logs for the codes). Then if you keep trying, somone will eventually close Outlook and another person can get on.

I'm very pissed. First at myself, second at Microsoft for releasing a product that I can't buy licenses for online. I've called a ton of places. I've ordered the open license CALs and now I'm stuck waiting.
If you open the SBS Server management console you can see how many CAL's you have and how many users SBS "thinks" have connected, It will forgive an additional 5 connections so you can have 10 in total on a base SBS. The 11th user will be denied access to resources and an event will be recorded in the event logs.

I am curious thou when you say you have other domain controllers that are "real". You can have as many domain controllers as you like in a Domain but SBS must be the first DC and retain all FSMO roles which means it will also control licensing. If it sees other domain controllers that were pre existing to the SBS, after 7 days (extendable to 21 with a hotfix) the SBS will start randomly shutting down, a built-in "Microsoft "time-bob" when licensing is violated.

You can buy boxed licenses on line. Not sure why you say that, though 2003 licenses are harder to get since it was replaced by 2-008 3.5 years ago. If you buy SBS 2008 volume licenses CAL's wit downgrade rights you can use them now on your SBS 2003 and later on 2008 if you 'upgrade'.
When I say "real", I'm just being sarcastic. Yes, the SBS is the first DC with all FSMO roles. The other 2 DCs (one here and one at a remote site) are 2008 standard DCs that were added to the SBS domain. That is all working fine.

What I meant about getting licenses "online" was: immediate. Buy it, get a code over email in minutes. I was unable to find that anywhere. Ridiculous for mission critical product like this.

Thanks for your help, all.
No there is no way of getting immediate licenses on-line, at least that I know of, but that is one of the reasons they have the 5 user cushion. It is not often you have to add more than 5 users with less than 24 hours notice. Through a Microsoft licensing vendor they can usually quote you a price on the phone, place the order, and you get an e-mail with the license download information in 8-24 hours.
PS- Just as an FYI:
If you add a server 2003 std to and existing SBS 2003 environment, your SBS CAL's cover the second, third,and so on servers.
However, if you introduce a server 2008 std in an SBS 2003 environment, to meet licensing requirements you also need to buy Server 2008 CAL's. You won't get licensing error messages as Server 2008 doesn't track CAL's, but it is a requirement. If you currently buy SBS 2008 CAL's with downgrade rights  to SBS 2003 rather than old SBS 2003 CAL's (if the 2003's are even still available) you can install on the SBS 2003 and they will also cover your 2008 std servers.