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SharePoint Designer 2010 Error while Opening a Web Page

When I try to open the default.aspx page in SharePoint Designer 2010, it gives me the following error.  "There was an error when trying to run SharePoint Designer (Open as HTML).  The command: failed."

I created a new aspx page in the same folder.  When I try to open that new file, it gives me the same error.

I can open the site correctly and I'm the administrator of the SharePoint Server 2010 as well.  Please help.  Thanks.

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In SPD 2007 we can open or create any file directly when coming to SPD 2010 we have to open the sharepoint site and then we can work on any file like aspx or html or css etc.,
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I'm sorry I don't understand what you meant by open the SharePoint site first.  I think I have opened the SharePoint site from SPD 2010 and tried to open the aspx file within the site.

I also tried to use the "Edit in SharePoint Designed" button in the SharePoint web interface, but if I click that button, it pops up a window to ask me to download a new copy of SPD installer.
Ok, Do you use visual studio for editing aspx. as one my developer suggest when editing aspx of sharepoint files edit through visual studio only insted of using SPD 2007 or 2010 try this way.
Sorry for the late reply.  I missed the notification email.  Although I have visual studio, but I cannot open the site using it.  Also SPD is supposed to work in my case, right?  I think we should find the reason why it doesn't work instead of just find a workaround.  Thanks.
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