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Open Ports

I gave our fire alarm contractor a static address for the panel and he wants to know if ports 3060-3064 are open. How can I tell?
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go here and test it
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You assigned the panel to a static address...  Does that mean you gave it a static publicly accessible address?

I'd imagine so, and that the company wants to be able to connect to the panel over regular public internet access.

Typically, you'd need to tell your firewall to allow certain traffic to that IP address, assuming that your panel is still behind your firewall.  What brand of firewall is it?

If it's NOT behind the firewall, likely it's reachable already, no need to do anything else.

The real test is if they can connect already.  Figuring that they can't since you've posted here.
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Use this port scanner and give the custom port number
Is the contractor asking about ports that are allowed through your firewall so he can monitor remotely?  Or, is your contractor asking about the alarm panel?

If it is the latter, you may need a different contractor.

If they are asking about the firewall, that depends on the firewall.

Regardless of which device this is about, you can attempt to connect to the desired device using telnet and specifying the port you wish to test. You can also user Angry IP Scanner available at

 - Tom
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Thanks for your help. I discovered what I needed to.