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I want to take a divx .avi movie, without subtitles, and subtitels to it, creating another divx movie with subtitles, Which software can I use?


I have:
- Windows XP SP3
- A divx .avi movie
- A .srt file with subtitles

I want:
- To create another divx movie with subtitles included, to be reproduced at my home theater system, that plays divx movies.
- To keep as much as possible the original quality, using a software to create the avi required in one step.

By now, I have ConvertXtoDVD software, it will create a movie with subtitles included, but I have to burn a DVD, and I don't want to spend a DVD, because as soon as I watch the movie, I'm going to trash the DVD, so I want to save the use of a DVD.

Do anybody knows a software that takes xdiv avi and srt subtitles, to generate xdiv avi file with subtitles included?

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I'm not sure I completely understand your question but it sounds like you want to hard code the subtitles into the avi file to play back on your home theater. If that's right, see here for a guide:
One other thought here.  You could use a rewriteable DVD, and then, once you're done watching the movie, you simply use the DVD for something else.
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You understood correctly, I want to have harcoded subtitles. Is there just one software to do it all instead using many software parts (VirtualDUB, SRT-SSA Converter, VirtualDub Subtitler Plug-in)? It appears there is a re-compression, Does it lose quality?

You only need AVI-Mux, nothing else.

Following steps provided by your link, when I tried to open the xvid file, I'm sorry I said Divx, I receive an error:

User generated image
Where can I get the codec it needs?

Try reinstalling the xvid codec: