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Outlook shows all users by default instead of Global address list

When I click the to field in an email to select a user from the GAL I see by default it opens all users instead of the whole GAL so we cannot see groups.  Any idea whats going on?  Thanks
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Alan Hardisty
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Is that something that could have changed throughout the organization?
Generally No - not unless someone had tweaked or created a Group Policy or similar.
When you manually download the address book how do I get it so the only option for address book selected is global address list.  Right now it shos all groups, all users and all contancts.  
Those are the default settings.  If you want to get rid of the All Contacts, All Users, All Groups etc, then you need to delete them, but why do you want to do this?

Are you segregating your Address Books?
No I just want them to have access to the GAL only.  They dont know they arent in the global list and cant find certain things.  Its easier if they just see all.  
All users should be in the Global Address List.  You can force them to see the GAL as the primary - just change the settings as per my initial comment and see if that shows what you want it to show.
I actually went into teh Offline Address Book on the server and removed everything except for the GAL.  Now thats the only thing that gets updated and shows it by default.  Thanks