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Best Config for SBS 2003 Exchange in Mixed Environment

I am configuring SBS 2003 with Exchange for an organization that mostly does not use Outlook. Many of them use Mac laptops and are used to checking email via POP3 to an external POP3 server. What is the best configuration for these people to easily check their email whether they are on the internal LAN or externally? Do I need to configure DNS on the server or is this done automatically?
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Neil Russell
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Just get everyone to use OWA, much easier and no need to configure anything except your exchange server and external DNS records for your webmail interface.
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When you set up SBS, it will set up DNS automatically. You'll probably want to set up VPN, though. Outlook Web Access is the easiest to use, but is limited in features compared to a full-fledged email client. One of the major annoyances that the users will have is that if they ever click on an email link on any website, it will launch their email client. That can never be set up to launch OWA.

Setting up exchange access is a much better option in the long run -- you'll get mail, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks to sync between the server and as many computers as the user has. But since you're running an old version of the exchange server (2003), you'll need to use wither MS Entrourage (which is pretty crappy), or get the latest version of Office for Mac, which has a full version of Outlook. Otherwise, you can use IMAP to access their email, but you won't get the contacts and calendar sync.
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I understand that OWA is the best option but my client absolutely wants to stay with the MAC email program. Do I need to set up DNS internally?

For external I've got GoDaddy hosting my domain and DNS     pointing to   <external IP>

How could I configure internally:     to point to   <>

Plus would I need an internal MX record as well?

I want to be able to configure her email account to look at the server from internal LAN as well as external.
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Exactly what I needed. Thanks