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exclude one cell from style

Hi experts,

On my page I 'v got a table with a style that defines the style of a table row (<TR>)
In some cases I need to put a line-through effect on the text and this works fine for the complete line but now I'd like to exclude one cell (the last one in the row) from the line-through effect.

I've got this line in my css file causing the effect:

.oddafg {
    background-color: #F5FFFA;
    text-decoration: line-through;

This is my best try so far. The color works but the text-decoration does not work

<tr class= 'oddafg'>
<td><div style=\"text-decoration: none; color:red; \">value3</td>

How can I make my display “value3”  without a  line-through?
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I wouldn't do it inline.  Make a separate CSS class for it and then add text-decoration:none !important;

Let us know
You could also use last-of-type, but it's not cross-browser compatible.
you should try to style text through a tr.  it's not supported in all browsers as it shouldn't be cuz it's not a standard.  You should instead put classes on the tds themselves.  Below is my suggestion:

    background-color: #F5FFFA;
    text-decoration: line-through;

<td class="oddafg">value1</td>
<td class="oddafg">value2</td>
<td class="newclass">value3</td>
sorry that should say:
"You should NOT try to style text through a tr"
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That is not cross browser compliant.
oh nvm, I didn't see the td in there.  Yes you can do it that way too.  Sorry.
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Thanks a lot for the quick response