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Cisco ASA 5510/3750G Multiple VLAN setup

i am facing one problem after go live. when i applied access list on switch interfaces, traffic from outside to servers are blocked. we have some servers on vlan server that are nat in firewall to access from outside.
without apply access on server vlan they are accessible. https port is opened in server vlan access list.
i opened the https port from any to any but it still not working. Please guide me.

You can see the background information on following thread.

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Try to put https port from any to any at the beginning of access-list.
If it doesn't help can you post your access-list and interface configuration on which you applied that list?

Are you applying the ACL's to the ASA interface, or to the 3750 VLAN interfaces?

Can you post current ASA config?
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i am applying ACL to 3750 VLAN interfaces. All other communication working fine after apply the ACL. only access of NAT server block. i even ping the public ip without any problem. ASA configuration working fine. Problem with 3570 ACL. now i used Ethereal to capture the traffic and it show request is coming on host.
Are you using NATed ore real server IP's in ACL?
It would be very helpfull if you can post ACL and interface configuration (sh run int gi 1/0/x) from 3750.

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Because no other solution acceptable. i figure out the problem myself