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outlook 2011 on macintosh

I am working on a mac which is unable to download the latest messages. When it was configured originally on 12/22/10 it downloaded all messages up to 12/22/10 and then no new ones. It was reconfigured again on 12/29/10 and again downloaded no messages past 12/29/10. Currently, there is a progress bar in the status window which says that new messages are being downloaded, but this has been running for 3 days and no new messages are appearing. Each time the outlook client was reconfigured, the emails downloaded very quickly (4-5 hours).

Outlook continues to crash with the following error code:

Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0

Error Signature:
Date/Time: 2011-01-03 14:32:29 -0500
Application Name: Microsoft Outlook
Application Bundle ID:
Application Signature: OPIM
Application Version:
Crashed Module Name: OutlookCore
Crashed Module Version:
Crashed Module Offset: 0x00004047
Blame Module Name: OutlookCore
Blame Module Version:
Blame Module Offset: 0x00004047
Application LCID: 1033
Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
Crashed thread: 6
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This sounds like it's probably hanging on a single message that's either corrupt or has an attachment that's too large based on the server's policies. If you're using Exchange, Exchange Web Services also has a separate policy in prior versions of Exchange 2007 that have to be adjusted in the web.config file.
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Is there anything else that it could be? Also, OWA is working without issues. Also, this user recently transitioned to a new exchange environment and before was using entourage 2010. He had zero issues before the new server transition. Where is the web.config file located? %systemroot%/windows/system32?
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Britt Thompson
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message in owa which is 228mb! their old environment had no message limit and now it is set to only 30mb, the migration was done by exporting the mail as a .pst and reimporting. Thanks!