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Assign multiple values in VB in Excel - Excel 2007

I have a VB module that is currently assigning a value in a case statement :

            Case "NJ"
            lobCol = "H"
            lobProd = "NJ"

Is it possible to assign multiple values for example if I wanted to assign, "NY", "NJ"  and "CT"
to  lobProd>
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you can assign only one value to a variable. If you want multiple value then you can define a array and populate it with the values or assign all the values as a comma separated string and then split the values and use it.

for e.g.

dim alobprod() as string
dim lobprod as string
lobprod = "NJ,NY,CT"

alobprod = Split(lobprod,",")

hope this helps.
Not sure what you mean.  You can do something this:

Select Case State
    Case "NJ", "NY, "CT"
        lobCol = "H"
        lobProd = "NJ"
    Case "PA", "MD", "DE", "VA"
        lobCol = "I"
        lobProd = "MD"
    Case "MA"
        lobCol = "J"
        lobProd = "VT"
    Case Else
        lobCol = "K"
        lobProd = "CA"
End Select

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I have an in-house function that is doing a sumif.  So far it has worked fine it is only looking for one value.  I now have a request where multiple values need to be added together to come up with the total.

getTot = WorksheetFunction.SumIfs(rngAuths, _
                                             rngEvent, thisEvent, _
                                             rngMonth, colMonth, _
                                             rngLOB, lobProd, _
                                             rngPORG, pOrg)

The problem is lobProd can not be equal 10 different plans.  If when doing the sumif if rngPORG is equal to any of the 10 plans I want the value counted.  I  don't know if this is possible with this function.
If not, perhaps someone can show me how to code another function to do this.
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I am trying it now!!  Will let you know