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Secure File Upload

i am making a form where people(clients) will be able to upload files. these files can have any extension, even ".php".

how can i prevent the codes in uploaded file to be executed, considering i cannot change file name.
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if the file is uploaded on a linux/unix server you could change the owner of the file to a user who has no execution rights the unix command that can do that for you is chown
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hi mydropz
thanks for the quick reply...yes it will be hosted on linux server, but how can i change the owner of file through php?
Filter Input, Escape Output.  Usually you will want to accept only known good values in a form field.  It sounds like you have decided not to adhere to that advice, so here is what I would do:

Never, never never echo any client input back to the browser without doing it this way:

echo htmlentities($thing);

The output will look fine because the entities will be rendered by the browser, but the output will not be executable.
hi ray
thanks for the reply. no, i know how to restrict file extensions etc but what i am trying 2 implement is something like expert exchange's file upload. here also we can upload files of any extension. and when u click on that file link it is forced for download, i want something like that. so that file is downloaded instead of file being executed.
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Thanks for the points.  Best regards, ~Ray