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Exchange 2003 sites coexisiting with a single Exchange 2010

Okay, I must be missing something.  We have four sites with Exchange servers.  Two sites have Exchange 2003, one site is Exchange 2007 and the main site has an Exchange 2003 and 2010 server (Our primary location).  The 2003 server will go away at this last site, once I solve my mail flow issue.  

All mail is to be routed through the Exchange 2010 server, as we only have one Barracuda server at the primary location.  All sites are connected by T1s.  I have created routing group connectors from each 2003 server to the 2010 server through the Exchange Management console, however all mail continues to flow through the Exchange 2003 server that is still spinning at the priamry location.  I've tried everything I can think of to get mail to flow direct to the Exchange 2010 server from the remote 2003 servers.  ( as I'd like to remove the old 2003 server from this site)  I've got a feeling I'm missing something simple.
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I don't know how I missed that!  I had set the cost to 10 on that connector, so it would take the path going from 2003 to 2003 server.  I set it to one last night and this morning it is going direct from 2003 to 2010.  Thanks a bunch!