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How to: Harddrive configuration for a VM inside of a VM?

This question is for a colleague.  I looked at his issue and I am at a loss of words for an answer.

I have a physical machine: Windows XP x64 running VMWare workstation.
Inside of VMWare workstation, I have a VM of ESX server running two additional VM's (XP and Windows Server 2003).

I created all the VM's from scratch; however; when I try to boot my Windows Server VM I get an error message saying "Error loading OS".  Has anyone tried to do this and if so what are the recommended settings for the harddrive configurations? (ie: BusLogic SAS, BusLogic Parallel, Paravirtualization, etc).
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buslogic should work for XP and Windows 2003
Are you trying to boot from the carom and get this message?
Make sure the connect and connect at power on options are selected if booting from cdrom
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He tried the BusLogic options (both parallel and SAS) but still no luck.
What is a Carom?
Does he have the os already installed, or trying to install os from cdrom?
Thanks for clarifying. I'll have him try that.
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I don't think he has the OS already loaded.