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Best Disk Management Software

I currently using Acronis Home Image.

I have recovered my PC and need to now fiddle around with the Partitions.  I am looking for a good disk management software solution.  Something that will allow me to create USB boot disks, merge partitions etc. etc..

Something that is also compatiable with Microsoft Virtual PC.

I am using with in Windows Vista through to Windows 7 64 Bit


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Kent Keller
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For creating partitions and changing their sizes, I use gparted on the System Rescue CD available at to resize NTFS, FAT32 and ext3 partitions regularly.

Also on the CD is an imaging tool. partimage.

As far as merging partitions, that is a bit more complicated if you are wanting the data preserved. I have not seen a tool that does that least not a free tool.  You would need to copy the files off and then resize the partitions and copy more files and resize until it was gone.

As far as create USB Boot Disks, I used this program last week for the first time and thought it was well done: MultiBootISOs. The nice thing was it would create the multi-boot ISO so I could boot from different tools on my USB stick including my favorite System Rescue CD above.

As far as Microsoft Virtual PC, I use VMWare and use the System Rescue CD ISO image all the time in my maintenance of VMs both Linux and Windows.
Windows build-in Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc and diskpart.exe) is a powerful tool, and I use it in my 32 bit Windows 7. pls try it and you'll find it so convenient...
and for Microsoft Virtual PC, you can find it's very easy to attach .vhd files to your client system in diskmgmt.msc, have fun!

PS: I use UltraISO to create bootable USB disks
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You can try Acronis Disk Director 2011. It's a very powerful and capable disk management suite. Be aware that previous versions are not good at managing partitions that are created by Windows 7.
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