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How can i enable PermitRootLogin in /etc/ssh/sshd_config in AIX


Can someone tell me, How i can enable PermitRootLogin in /etc/ssh/sshd_config in AIX

currently the server cannot be "su - root" to as well
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Why shouldn't you be able to run "su -" ? What's the problem?

Can you telnet or rsh to that server as root? Do you have access to the console?


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Actually, i do not know why or what the issue is with su - root is and i personally haven't had the chance to try accessing the server- i had received that request of enabling rootlogin in ssh file, and was asked for the it's implementation plan and the information of not being able to su - root was present in the ticket which i added in this question, and it may or may not be irrelevant - but as of this point , i believe i just need to provide info on how to enable permitRootLogin-

And it seems pretty simple to enableRootLogin by just editing the sshd file from no to yes and restarting sshd daemon- as mentioned above. Please provide any extra steps that you may believe would be needed for enablingRootLogin process.


What APNFSSC wrote is quite correct, but older AIX versions don't have sshd under SRC control.

Check with "lssrc -s sshd". If you see it there, follow APNFSSC's instructions, that's all you must do.

If you don't find sshd with "lssrc" you must kill the sshd process and restart it by hand. Maybe you can find in inittab how to start it.
See our "dsmc" case, it's the same thing there.

i am unable to ssh to server from my jumpserver-
the way we access our serves in this environment is by first going into the jumpserver, and than using the command ssh servername - but i am unable to do so-

is that related to enableRootlogin issue in sshd file?
Did restarting sshd succeed? Maybe you made a typo in sshd_config and sshd didn't start?
Can you telnet to the server?
i was unable to get access into the server- so did not restart or make any changes, i will try telnet now-
can you please provide with correct telnet command format, if i am not mistaken, it should be
telnet servername     is that correct?

and if telnet does not work, than i will try to access the server through hmc console, i have requested to get hmc credentials-

but my question was, that the fact, that i am unable to ssh to that server from my jumpserver- does that have to do with the issue of EnablingRootLogin ?
i believe the correct command is telnet servername- please do confirm that!
i tried doing telnet with telnet servername command, but was unable to get access to the server- therefore now i will have to access it from HMC console
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