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outlook "The custom form cannot be opened."

try to open a voicemail with viewmail "the custom form cannot be opened. outlook will use an outlook form instead. The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your system administrator.
I have reloaded viewmail and cleared the forms cache but still receive this message. All other users work fine.
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This is a security feature of recent versions of Outlook.  See the attached document for detailed instructions on how to open the custom form, so you can publish it and make it available. White-Paper----Opening-a-Saved-O.doc
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I did the repair from the help menu. I added the message classified. I can open the .oft form as the procedure from the DOC but nothing so far has worked.
 I am going to reload office tomorrow morning and see if that works.
I ran repair from Add/Remove programs and that did it.