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Access Denied when deleting tempory CD burning files


I wanted to copy my fonts from my desktop to my laptop.  So I dragged all the items from my C:\Windows\Fonts folder to a CD for burning (using Win XP built-in CD burning).  That worked fine and I now have the fonts on my laptop.  However back on the desktop, when I tried to Delete the Temporary Files from the CD Burning section I get an Access Denied error for several of the font files (ie: micross.ttf).  I've tried restarting, and in safe-mode but I still get this error.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can delete these files from the CD Burning?

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Have you tried moving them back to the fonts folder?
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Hi BobintheNoc.  I believe you may have my solution.  I will try this tonight when I get out of work and post back.  Fingers crossed.
Also, where are you deleting them from?

The comment above is probably correct. Depending on where you draggeD them, it probably changed their installed location....

I'm guessing you are deleting from

"shell:local appdata\Microsoft\CD Burning"


"%appdata%\Microsoft\CD Burning"
try another admin account and good luck!