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How to auto forward calendar invites to another person

We just rolled out a new SBS 2008 to replace an old SBS 2003.  On the old system all meeting invites for the CEO went to his secretary and he never saw the actual invite email.  I can't seem to figure out how this was done.  There are no Outlook rules that do it, any ideas?  The secretary wants all his meeiting invite emails sent to her and not placed in his mailbax as she does all of his scheduling.
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This is not normal. It may have caused by Outlook not able to complete the update and keeps on trying or the update interval is set too close apart.
This may help, check this out:
Sorry - posted on the wrong thread - please ignore
Just make a rule to redirect all invies in another folder. And if required another rule to empty that folder?
Just a suggestion.
Hope that helps,
Meant invites not invies.
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