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Second line disappearing - IE 8 and RichTextBox

I have a RichTextBox control in my web application. I have Windows 7 and IE 8.

When the details for the textbox are displayed, it has 2 lines in blue color but when the data is loaded for the first time, the second line is not visible. When i selected the text with the mouse, it comes up. I have attached both for reference.

Any idea?
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Any idea?
I'm not sure IE8 is the problem here.
First I would check that you have this option enabled.

Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom level->Active scripting set to Enable

Secondly, What Richtextbox control are you using? if you are using Cute Editor then check this link:
1) Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom level->Active scripting set to Enable

This was Enabled.

1) I am using ExportTechnologies.WebControls.RTE
Well, that one looks like it's not been updated for quite a while. From what I see in their webpage the latest release was in 2004. So I would not be surprised if you have some incompatibilities issues with your version.

I would also check the following.

1) Try it with another browser (e.g. Firefox or older IE versions, say version 7) to see how does it behaves.
2) Try with other RTE controls out there. I'm not sure what are your requirements for this, but have you tried with
HTMLEditor from Ajax? check

We have license for Telerik components. I will upgrade to the textbox to the telerik's lastest rich textbox. What is your thought?
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