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HP Laserjet 2035 - Print Internal PCL Font List?

We have a linux ERP system that can throw ascii text to PCL printers. It does no formatting, except it must treat line feed and CR characters OK, because the text formats correctly on my Laserjet printers. In the past I've been able to print out a listing of the internal fonts on all of our laserjet printers and choose an appropriate font. Most commonly we would want to use either a lineprinter font (small - about 16 or 20 pitch) or a standard courier 10 or 12).

I have a laserjet P2035n printer that says it has 52 internal fonts. I tried font #0 that works on most of my other laserjets as a courier font, but it comes out as CG Times on the 2035. There does not appear to be a way within the web interface to print a font listing.

All I need is a list of font number and corresponding font name and size, as most HPs can provide. Anyone know of any tricks or commands that will produce this on the 2035?
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You may be able to print the font list from the printer's web interface. Type its IP address into your browser and have a look around.
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hdhondt, that's the first thing I tried. Oddly enough the interface lets  you change the font number (which is what I need to do), but in the 2035 there appears to be no way to print the listing from the web interface.
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DansDadUK - trying that command from my Windows 7 desktop results in:

'lpr' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Not sure if it will work on RedHat Linux, but I'm sure there is a way to do this on Windows.
'lpr' works fine from a 'Command prompt' session on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit desktop.

You may need to check/modify which Windows 'features' you have installed.
From 'Control Panel', select 'Programs and Features', then click 'Turn Windows features on or off' (you may need to provide adminstrator credentials for this).
Under 'Print and Document services', check that 'LPR Port Monitor' is selected.

... and the 'DMINfo' file contents cause my network-connected LJ 1320n to generate a PCL Font List.
In linux you can use lp, as in:

lp -d printername filename
>> In linux you can use lp, as in:
>> lp -d printername filename

But won't that just generate a print request for 'filename' to be handled by the spooling subsystem in use ('lpsched', or 'CUPS', etc.), which (via the model script) may very well generate a print stream which includes initialisation and/or formatting escape sequences, or equivalent (i.e. NOT just the raw contents of the 'filename' file)?

i.e. it doesn't send raw data direct to the target printer, it generates a print request to be queued for the logical print queue 'printername'.
I tried the lpr command from DansDadUK after installing the LPR Port Monitor as suggested. The command completed successfully (no errors) but no page ever printed at the printer. Seems to me that we should be able to do this out of Windows (somehow).
>> The command completed successfully (no errors) but no page ever printed at the printer

Perhaps your printer model (LJ 2035) does not support the 'Print PCL Typeface List' function?

Try sending the contents of the file to a different (PJL-supporting LaserJet or clone) printer to confirm that the file contents and sending method are valid.
... and you could just 'lpr' a plain ASCII text file (containing at least 5 LineFeed-terminated (or CR+LF terminated) lines) to the printer to confirm that the sending method is valid.
Well, I proved you know what you are talking about! The file/process you provided printed a nice font listing from one of my HP 4250s. However when I tried again to the 2035n, I get the same result - no errors, but no printout either.

This p2035n is an odd duck, for sure. However, I found what I needed, just by luck. I reset the printer to defaults, which set the font number to 23. 23 is courier font, so I then set the pitch to 12 and the Linux print jobs are coming out correctly formatted.

So I didn't really get the answer I wanted, but I learned a lot and solved the problem. I suppose I could map more info by trial and error, e.g. set a font number, print out, write it down, and then increase the number, etc. I was hoping there might be an easier way though. thanks for your help.
Appreciate all of the help and persistence. Since I found the answer to my problem (but not the solution to the question), I'm rating a "B" and "partially complete and accurate". Appreciated the help though.
Good that you found a circumvention for your problem.

It seems that most of the LaserJet Pn--n printers appear to have restricted feature sets compared with more expensive models.
For example, LJ P2015 only has about 4 printer-resident fonts available to the PCL5 personality, but the full set (80 or so) is available with the PCL XL personality.

On your LJ P2035, what does the 'Demo' page show? Is it possible that this includes some font information?