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PHP MySQL Require

In PHP with MySQL what is the difference between require, require once and include?
Also which is the best use.

Finally, to close a BD conection do I just used <?php mysql_close; ?> at the bottom of a script?
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for the difference:

and yes, call mysql_close(); at the end of script... don't forget those brackets - ()
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1): If you use include function and included file is not found, you'll get a warning but script will be executed (if it's doesn't depend by something contained in included file); if you use require, file required is supposed to be necessary to execute script and if it is not found php raises a fatal error.
With require_once, you say to php to  include a file only if it has not been required or included before by some other script: this is useful if file required contains some function,because you can't declare the same function more than once.

2) Yes to close a db connection just use <?php mysql_close; ?> at the bottom of a script

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Yes to close a db connection just use <?php mysql_close; ?> at the bottom of a script

Does it need to be before the </html> or </body>?
it doesnt matter you can put where ever you want