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How does RDS Licensing work

Ok Im trying to get my head around RDS/TS licensing. Im running Remote Desktop Services on Win2K8 R2. I am going to need 15 user to connect to it constantly. What if for a few days a 16th user trys to connect is that user going to be denied a connection? Or are RDS CALs like Server CALs that are just there for compliance reasons?
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That's misleading at best and wrong at worst.

RDS/TS CALs are NOT licensed for CONCURRENT users.  This means that you have to NAME 15 devices OR users... Once the CAL has been issued, it's assigned to that user for at least 90 days, if I'm not mistaken.  So don't expect to have 15 CALs but then have 25 people use it (with a max of 15 at any one time) from their home systems.

That said:

DISCLAIMER: Licensing advice offered here is a "best effort" and based on the understanding of the respondents. Licenses can change and we may not be aware of these changes or may misunderstand them. Further, licenses can differ by country and/or region and what we understand to be true in our region could be false in your region. "they told me on Experts-Exchange" will not be a valid defense in a software audit.  All licensing questions should be confirmed with the appropriate licensing authority (the maker of the software/issuer of the license).