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Creating a PDF from a web page does not work


I have Adobe Acrobat 7.0 and IE 8 on Windows 7 and hoping I can create a PDF file from a web page. When I select File and Print and select Adobe PDF, nothing happens. A PDF file is not created. No errors and nothing in the event log.

Any suggestions?


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Check out this free software: 7-Pdf-Website Converter -

There are also lots of free general Pdf converters that work like printer drivers. These may be preferrable to buying a new version of Acrobat. Some are:
Be aware that Adobe does not support Acrobat Pro 7 anymore so if there are any compatibility issues with IE and Acrobat, they will not be addressed in any upcoming updates.

I believe Adobe Pro 7 is not compatiblie with IE 8.

Some basic troubleshooting steps to try regardless are:
You could check to see if your Adobe PDFMaker plug-in is enabled in Internet Explorer.  Go to Tools>Options >Advanced.  Under the browsing section look for 'enable 3rd party browser extensions'    Close and open IE and see if that helps.

You can try to delete and re-add the Adobe PDF printer.  Here are the instructions for how to reinstall the printer for Adobe Pro 9 - they are very similar to that of Adobe Pro 7.

Here is also a work-around:

Select "Document converter" - "Convert to pdf" then input the address of the webpage.

gtrapp, any feedback?
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None of the work arounds worked. Received errors. Could not manually uninstall Adobe drives either.

I received approval for the upgrade, so once I get that installed, I suspect converting web pages to PDFs will work.