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Java error on Railo

Windows 2003, Apache2.2, Railo3

When I try to untar a file using the script below, I get this error:

Railo Error (Railo.commons.lang.classexception)
can not load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specifed name [] could be found.

The script works fine on my other server with CFMX 7, can anyone tell me how to fix the problem?


TarEntry = createobject("java", "");
TarInputStream = createobject("java", "");
FileInputStream = createobject("java", "");
FileOutputStream = createobject("java", "");
FileIO = createobject("java", "");
tarfile = "C:\mydir.tar";
outdir = "C:\mydir\";
tin = TarInputStream.init(FileInputStream.init(tarfile));
te = tin.getNextEntry();
while (structkeyexists(variables, 'te'))
                destpath = outdir & "\" & te.getName();
                if (te.isDirectory())
                                fos = FileOutputStream.init(destpath);
                te = tin.getNextEntry();

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Looks like Railo doesn't use that particular ant jar. So you need to install it.  MX7 uses ant 1.6. But I'd guess the latest version would work too.  Download and unzip it.  You don't need all of the jars. Just copy the "ant.jar" into Railo's class path and restart.

ie Copy /apache-ant-1.8.2/lib/ant.jar => WEB-INF/railo/lib (I believe) and restart Railo
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agx --- that worked...once again you have saved the day!... thanks!
As always, you're welcome :)