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Outlook 2007 stops getting email in inbox, but still goes to owa webmail

I have a user that has an issue with her outlook 2007 (exchange 2k3).  I setup her mail profile everything auto finds the server and sets up just fine, downloads her inbox and folders etc and everything works fine for several days, maybe a week sometimes.  Then mail stops being delivered to her inbox (status on outlook just says "online/connected/updated" or whatever is normal.  If she goes to OWA she will see she got some emails in her inbox, they just never showed up in her client.  I have setup a new profile for her a few times and that fixes the problem temporarily, but it always comes back and stops getting messages in her inbox.
She keeps a clean inbox (as in typically not any emails in there at all, she just reads/replies then files immediately) - I'm jealous!
I have done all windows/office updates, she is on win7 pro.  All other users (30+) are fine without issues.  Most are still XP but several on same OS/office as her.
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is she using mailbox or Pst as default
check wether outlook going under offline mode? File -> work offline
check send/recieve group settings & enable the inbox under settings?
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