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Map a cloud server's drive

I have recently signed up for a cloud server. I have its IP address and login info. I can access it with Windows Remote Desktop on my Win7 laptop. It is running Windows Server 2008 R2. There's two drives in the remote computer(C and D). Is it possible to map one of the drives, or a folder within the drive to my laptop and how.
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I found this webdav when I googled the solution. I'm trying to avoid any third party services like vpn softwares. what if their service is down for some reason? Is there any function in Windows Server that can do the same job?
I agree, if you can do it with windows, do it.

I listed the webdav setup  above:

look here for 2008 Server Webdav setup:

you can run webdav over SSL all which are built into windows.
I kinda figured out. It's just in the server, I had to set the sharing properly for each folder I want to share, and remember to put "\\" before the IP address while mapping. It's working like a charm