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.Net - Best Performance in sending large DataSet over the Wire (Limitations - .net 2.0 and WSE3.0)

I have done some research and am really looking for some opinions on which method/practice would be the best way to transfer very large (and small) sets of Data over the wire (via a webservice) .  I can't use WCF - but I can implement any of the WSE (MTOM,etc).

The purpose is on an application's start, we are retrieving all data in the database, as so the user can search to open a specified application.  I am using a stringly tped dataset, .NET 2.0 and WSE - any suggestions (C# if you give an example, but I am really looking for the concept, as I am new to WSE and was hoping it may offer something better)

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Just wondering instead of soap based call if we combine with REST, the performance will be good since REST is lighter than SOAP.
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Telll you what, I am awarding the points as no one else has answered, and we are going with an asynchronous paged operation - aaargh 2.0
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Thanks for the reference
You are welcome  :)