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Compaq Presario SR1620NX Won't Boot

Computer starts up but get won't go past the Compaq screen (see attached picture)
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Press 'F1 key' for BIOS setup, Set BIOS to Default Setting + Check Hard drive getting recognized in BIOS ?
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I tried pressing F1 and every other key but the the system is frozen on this screen.  When I power reset the computer itrestarts but stops at that screen and does nothing!?
Make sure keyboard is connected + if you could open system and remove BIOS battery and restore back after few seconds (this will reset BIOS setting)....and try switching ON and try going into BIOS
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If the hard drive is detected as mentioned by faizbaig then we have to know where in the boot process it is failing.  It is difficult to tell by the compaq screen where the system is hung up on. you may need to boot it in the diagnositic or the tech mode as some people call it. To do this you need to enter into the setup by pressing the f1 key. Then I would look for some settings in the advanced settings that will disable the safe post, and enable the post messages. Then save the changes by pressing f10 then get out of the bios setup, making sure you save your changes again. Once these changes are made you should no longer see the compaq logo but will see the screen that shows what the computer is doing in the background. You can therefore tell us where the computer is hanging up on.
If f1 does not let you get into the bios setup then there may be a problem with the system detecting the keyboard. Are you using a ps2 (the small circular connector) or a usb keyboard? Try shutting down the computer then reseat the keyboard. you can also remove the battery after unplugging the computer, then hold the power button for a few seconds to drain the flea power. as the previous expert mentioned. Then reinsert the battery, then plug the computer back in. This will set the cmos settings to factory defaults, if you still can not get into the system setup, by pressing f1, I would try another keyboard, either a ps2 or usb. Please note on some older computers it takes longer to recognize a usb keyboard, so if you have an option to use a ps2 keyboard, try that first.
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I disconnected the Hard Drive and was able to boot with an XP disk. I connected the original H/D to another PC and was unable to read the disk. I replaced the old H/D with a new rebooted with a Windows XP installtion disk and was to compleyely install XP. The PC is now working fine, thanks for everyones help.
tx for the feedback