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VERY SLOW NIC connection... DIR-655 and Lenovo T500

I have a DIR-655 Dlink Router. To this I have a Lenovo t500 (802.11n capabile), a Networked Printer and a NAS. (Seagate goflex home 2tb)
I have noticed slow throughputs. But this is rediculus. While copying to the seagate, I am transfer 1.2 MB/sec.
How can I isolate what part is slow? The Seagate is new tonight. I have noticed slow speeds for a while.
How can I tell if I am locked into N mode?
How can I tell what the computer to router speed actually is?
My son, on the same network has a 802.11G that way out performs me.

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Wireless Networks operate at a speed of 54mbps while wired networks operate at between 100mbps - 1gb depending on the hardware being used.

If you connect to your wireless it should state the band it using 802.11g or n etc. When you are connected to your wireless network you should be able to see the properties of the wireless and this will give all the information.

You can use a tool called WireShark and examine the data packets on your network and this provide you with some good insight. WireShark is a free tool you can download.

Google WireShark and you will find some links to download this tool.
What virusscanners do you have, are they the same on your and your son's machine (brand settings, etc)?
Very often the wireless comes with it's own drivers/software to manage it. I've noticed in several occasions that letting windows manage the wireless, instead of the software which came with it, improves the connection.
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Your hardware (especially your HDD) plays a big factor in your overall network transfer speeds regardless of whether you are running wireless G or N.

I have a Dell Latitude E5400 with a fresh install of Server 2008 that has a built-in wireless 802.11n card connected to a netgear WNR3500 gigabit N router. I am able to copy a 350MB file to a remote share on my network at approximately 2.1 MB/sec provided there is absolutely no traffic on the router. If my brother is playing WoW then I usually expect speeds around 750KB-1MB/sec on average on my 5400RPM laptop HDD. The same is not true for my quad core desktop which used to be wireless. On average I would transfer at roughly 7 to 8MB per second no problem.

I believe your bottleneck is your 5400RPM HDD in your t500.  

What are the specs of your sons machine?

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After talking to Seagate, this is the answer that was needed.