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Android - I have to sync Gmail twice ?

Ok sometimes I have to sync Gmail twice on my Samsung Galaxy S - this could be over Wifi or even 3G/HSDPA - does anybody know why this happens? it's very annoying. I have auto-sync turned off to save battery life and when I hit refresh in gmail sometimes it takes a minute but no new e-mails appear and the sync icon goes away as if it's finished,  whereas if I try again straight away, all the e-mails start pouring in.

Is this a Gmail app-specific problem or a problem with the Galaxy S ?
Or maybe even a problem with Eclair ? Still no Froyo here in Ireland as far as I know.
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I suspect that the first sync sets things up and the second actually does it.
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Except sometimes the first one works completely. So I don't think so.
What exactl;y if different between when it works and when it does not?
I notice on my DroidX that it seems like it takes a while to refresh the Gmail when I open it. Is it possible that you are hitting that second time after waiting a bit and it just happens that the refresh is coming in from the first time?

When this happens it completely finishes the sync (icon disappears from notification bar) but no e-mails have been sent or received. I sometimes even have to sync it a third time before it works, and when it picks up one e-mail, it picks up them all.

Just to re-iterate, I have auto-sync turned off to save battery and I'm opening gmail, hitting menu, then refresh.
No answers ? The mod has told me he's going to close off this question even though I have yet to receive any help (as such)
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Thanks Anthony I'll take a look at that - does it have to download all of my gmails first time ? is it that sort of client ?  because that could take a very very long time.
Nope. It just works exactly the way I hoped it would. Very impressed with it and have been using it ever since.

Great App - solves my issue perfectly