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Dual network card


I have a server that has two network cards, we have two isp in the office, is there a way to setup so one card for one isp?
what happened is that I want to transfer some files to this server using isp1, then use isp2 to upload.  Of course, I can go to server room to switch, just want to see if there is an easy way..thx
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probably not as you can only have one default gateway adress on one of the NICs
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I see, what if for isp1, I only want to have internal connection? So I can move files from my local to this server, and use isp2 to internet? is this possible?  thx
By default 1 gateway can be used. But you can use proxy application and manage the load balancing using both the ISPs connected on two network cards.
ISA can provide load balancing. Try it. or you can also search for third party proxy.
This got me thinking.
Theoretically, If you setup vmware on your server running two virtual OS's, and can configure each NIC to operate on separate networks, and configure each VMWare OS to use one of the NIC's, then it should work.
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Only enter a gateway for one NIC and use the add route - p command for the second NIC.
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can you give me some direction to read more instruections on this?  thx
Hi Mzafpk,

From the sound of it Mcrmg wants to use both ISP networks separately. I dont know Mcrmg's reasons.
As for the problem you mentioned with using 2 VM's (good point btw), this can be solved with the client using a second nic configured to the same network as the 2nd nic on the server.

The suggestion I made was aimed at Mcrmg using VMWare to make the uploads from within VM1 or VM2.
There are pro's and cons to each approach and will depend on why Mcrmg needs this solution.
If indeed its because one of the ISP connections can go down, then your solution is perfect and I recommend going that approach.
But if its because one of the ISP connections is expensive (metered / gauranteed bandwidth) and-or is only to be used when needed, I'd suggest going the VM approach or similar solution.

If you want to read about ISA Load Balancing, here it is,

Details of route command can be found on your PC. Goto command prompt and type route /?
Will get output like following,
ROUTE [-f] [-p] [command [destination]
                  [MASK netmask]  [gateway] [METRIC metric]  [IF interface]

  -f           Clears the routing tables of all gateway entries.  If this is
               used in conjunction with one of the commands, the tables are
               cleared prior to running the command.
  -p           When used with the ADD command, makes a route persistent across
               boots of the system. By default, routes are not preserved
               when the system is restarted. Ignored for all other commands,
               which always affect the appropriate persistent routes. This
               option is not supported in Windows 95.
  command      One of these:
                 PRINT     Prints  a route
                 ADD       Adds    a route
                 DELETE    Deletes a route
                 CHANGE    Modifies an existing route
  destination  Specifies the host.
  MASK         Specifies that the next parameter is the 'netmask' value.
  netmask      Specifies a subnet mask value for this route entry.
               If not specified, it defaults to
  gateway      Specifies gateway.
  interface    the interface number for the specified route.
  METRIC       specifies the metric, ie. cost for the destination.
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The reason I want to do this is becasue all our network is on isp1, so I need to stay on that network to move files over to the server.  If I used isp1 to upload the files, it will slow down everyone in the office, so I want to use isp2 to do the uploading.

the solutions posted avove seem a lot of works.  LOL

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thanks, I will open a new q for VMware..thx