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Outlook 2007 - one user unable to make changes to shared calendar

We have Exchange 2010 and outlook 2007. One user, Stan, shares his calendar with three secretaries and all are given editor rights. Two can edit his calendar but one cannot. She can see his calendar but not make any new appointments- she gets a 'you have insufficient permissions' message. I have removed her from Stans sharing and added her again, but still the same problem. However, when I log on as her on a  different PC, I can edit the calendar. It seems like the problem is on her PC, but where would the shared calendar settings be stored?
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You might wanna give ur client a new account.
Just renew her account to account.old when logged in as an admin then logoff and let her logon.
A new account will be created and you take the files from account.old to the new account.
Then try to add the rights to her.
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Yes - I was thinking along those lines, but rather than have her lose all her other settings, like stored email addresses, I wondered if there was a file in Application data that held only shared calendar information
Earlier on I opened Outlook on a different PC same user and it worked. However, I've just been back to it and now it says "You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder" If I right click the calendar and got to properties it shows the permissions are set to Reviewer. I've just found that even when I open the calendar from a different PC it does the same, so its looking like an Exchange problem.
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In the absence of any other answers this will have to do.